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Advanced R & D and continuousdevelopment investment

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DOONAM CHEMICAL Inc. is committed to responding to the ever-increasing chemical regulations and to responding to the rapidly changing metal surface treatment industry through continuously research and development.
We will continue our investment and interest to reflect the needs of our customers, including the development of eco-friendly products, cost savings and increased ease of use.

research results

  • 2018
    MIL-QPL-81706 approve
  • 2017
    Eco-friendly pre-paint coating chemicals development(for Coil-coating)
  • 2015
    Ambient and eco-friendly acid cleaner development
  • 2012
    Magnesium etching chemicals development
  • 2011
    Non-silica cleaner development
  • 2007
    Desmut chemicals for anodizing patent
  • 2006
    Ambient sealer development
  • 2002
    Founded R&D center