Company Introduction

GreetingsCompany Introduction

DOONAM CHEMICAL a trusted company in the field of metal surface pre-treatment industry that provides environmentally-friendly chemicals based on accumulated technology and know-how since its establishment in 1992.

It started as DOONAM International in 1992, and now DOONAM CHEMICAL Inc. is the leader of eco-friendly metal surface treatment products in various industries such as construction materials, automobiles and consumer electronics based on continuous R&D and accumulated process technology know-how.
Recently growing interest in the environment such as chemical accidents and international regulations. In this situation, we have been producing eco-friendly products for more than 20 years and especially the chrome-free and phosphate-free chemicals which have been proven both domestic and global.

We will strive to provide diverse eco-friendly chemicals that can contribute to environmentally friendly through continuous R&D without being complacent.

President Se-Geun JUNG